Diposkan pada Love


Do you agree that love is important for every humans survival? Yes, i do.


Love is an emotion, born from compassion. Love has elements, namely fondness and intimacy. Love plays an impoetant role in our lives. Here are few reasons why love is needed by everyone, everywhere. First, love is a form of care. When we are sad or happy, we need anothers care. We do not want to feel all alone and we certainly want to share what we feel. Can you imagine how hard it will be if we have to go throught life alone? In addition, love is a crucial need. Love can give us the spirit to survive. We cannot live without love. If we do not have a person to love, automatically our lives would be empty. Love also encourages us to help others, keep us far from fear and insecurity. Furthermore, love is needed to live in society. Love can unite and protect each other. Love makes ua not hurt other people. So, what would the world be like without love? It would be scary



Lupakan masa lalu, hidup untuk sekarang dan belajar untuk masa depan.

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